Analysis of alfa-fetoprotein concentrations in maternal serum of Romany and non-Romany women in the Prešov Region of Eastern Slovakia

Iveta Boroňová, Ivan Bernasovský, Jarmila Bernasovská, Peter Šeliga, Eva Petrejčíková, Alexandra Bôžiková, Miroslav Soták, Adriana Sovičová, Dana Gabriková, Petra Švíčková, Soňa Mačeková


Aim. The aim of the study was to estimate concentrations ofalpha-fetoprotein in the maternal serum of Romany and non-Romany women in the Prešov region (Slovakia) in the periodfrom 2003-2006 and their comparision with attention to ethnicorigin. AFP testing involved 1983 women. Methods. Thestudy includes 265 Romany (14-44 years; mean age 23.64±0.57year) and 1718 non-Romany women (17-45 years; mean age28.22±0.24 year). To show the statistical difference between theethnic groups, we employed multiple regression analysis. Results.The median values of MSAFP at 15-18 weeks gestation inRomany women were lower in comparision with non-Romanywomen of majority population in the Prešov region. Conclusion.The obtained results suggest that a correction for AFPconcentrations or the use of group-specific medians for variousethnic populations would be appropriate.


Romanies, Ethnic differences, Ethnicity, Alphafetoprotein

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