Unipolar, Bipolar or Total Hip Endoprosthesis after Femoral Neck Fracture: What is a Right Decision?

Dragica Smrke, Mirza Biščević


The aim of this study was to recognize differences in midterm clinical outcome after femoral neck fracture and hip endoprosthesis implantation. A total of 145 patients were examined, 32 patients with unipolar, 70 with bipolar and 43 patients with total hip endoprosthesis. The mean values of Harris Hip Score, after 3.8 ± 1.9 years, were: 72.1 ± 17.8, 74.27 ± 19.1, 78.2 ± 22.5 for patients with unipolar, bipolar and total hip endoprosthesis, respectively. No statistically significant difference was observed (p = 0.704). The in-hospital mortality rates were: 4.3%, 4.6%, and 5.3% for groups of patients with bipolar, unipolar and total hip endoprosthesis, respectively. Considering clinical outcomes, general health and costs, it can be concluded that the choice of endoprosthesis does not pose an obstacle to a patient’s recovery.


Hip, Fracture, Endoprosthesis, Result, Function

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