The hypertension caused by stenosis of renal arterie

Hidajeta Begić, Husref Tahirović, Snježna Zulić


An otherwise healthy, 12.5-year-old malepresented with sudden onset chest pain, wasadmitted to hospital for elevated blood pres-Panel 1Panel 2Acta Medica Academica 2011;40(1):83DOI 10.5644/ama2006-124.12sure. Physical examination showed systolicheart murmur grade 2/6 in the aortic areawith abdominal vascular murmur and normalperipheral pulses. Blood pressure waselevated: (left arm) 170/110 mmHg, (left leg)185/115 mmHg. The plasma renin activity(6.5 nmol/l/h) was elevated. Renal functionwas normal. Doppler blood flow fromboth renal arteries showed a suspected mildobstruction.

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