Medical Journals in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1878 to 1945

Husref Tahirović, Elnur Tahirović


This paper presents the medical journals published in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) in the period from 1878 to 1945. The first medical journal in BIH may be deemed to be Jahrbuch des Bosnisch-Hercegowinischen Landesspittales in Sarajevo (The Yearbook of the National Hospital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo). In a special part of this journal, doctors from Austro-Hungary serving in Sarajevo wrote scholarly articles about their patients’ various ailments. Up to 1945 seven more medical journals were published in BIH: Trezvenost – Organ Jugoslavenskog Saveza Trezvenosti (Temperance – the Journal of the Yugoslav Temperance Society), Zdravlje – Lekarske pouke o zdravlju i bolesti (Health, Medical lessons on Health and Disease), Glasnik Lekarske komore za Bosnu, Hercegovinu, Dalmaciju i Crnu Goru (The Journal of the Chamber of Physicians of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Dalmatia and Montenegro) Glasnik Lekarske komore Vrbaske banovine (Journal of the Chamber of Physicians of Vrbaska banovina, Glasnik Lekarske komore Drinske banovine (Journal of the Chamber of Physicians of Drinska banovina), Vjesnik Zavoda za suzbijanje endemijskog sifilisa u Bosni i Hercegovini (Journal of the Institute for Combatting Endemic Syphilis in Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Časopis za medicinu i biologiju (Journal for Medicine and Biology).

Conclusion. Medical journals published in BIH in the period from 1878 to 1945 were published in times marked by specific political and social circumstances in BIH, in the time when BIH was not independent, and was under the influence of the health culture of the ruling regimes. Most of the authors of the articles published in these journals were citizens of the occupying authorities, although the papers published were mainly the result of research undertaken in BIH.


Medicine; Journal; Bosnia and Herzegovina; 1878-1945

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