Catamenial anaphylaxis in three patients


  • Nasser Al-Ahmed Department of Allergy, Al-Rashed Allergy Centre, Ministry of Public Health, State of Kuwait
  • Peter Vadas Division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Department of Medicine, St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto
  • Nermina Arifhodzic Department of Allergy, Al-Rashed Allergy Centre, Ministry of Public Health, State of Kuwait


Anaphylaxis, Menstrual period, Allergic reactions


Catamenial anaphylaxis, also called cyclical anaphylaxis, describesrecurrent episodes of multi-system allergic reactionsoccurring at the time of menstruation. This case reports demonstratesthe management of three women with catamenialanaphylaxis. The first patient is a 38 years old woman whopresented with symptoms consistent with anaphylaxis in relationto her menstrual cycle. Her symptoms were controlledwith cetirizine at a dose of 20 mg daily. The second patient is33 years old with similar symptoms coinciding with her menses.We were able to control her symptoms with leuprolide(Lupron), a luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH)agonist. The third was a 29 years old woman with catamenialanaphylaxis who was successfully treated with Depo-Provera(medroxyprogesterone). Catamenial anaphylaxis is a rare yetan important presentation to the Allergist/Clinical immunologist.The management of the patients we present hererepresents a spectrum of the different therapies tried in themedical literature. Here, we report the first successful use ofmedroxyprogesterone for such rare, yet critical medical condition.


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