Intraoperative Myomectomy during Caesarean Section

Dionysios Galatis, Nikolaos Kiriakopoulos, Christos Benekos, Ioannis Komiotis, Garyfalia Bitzi, Georgia Micha, Konstantina Kalopita, Ioannis Gripiotis, Antonios Strongylos, Panagiotis Templalexis, Ioannis Flessas, Argyrios Monastiriotis


Objective. The aim of this article is to support intracaesarian myomectomy as an alternative method of treatment.

Case Report. This article presents a case of myomectomy during a caesarean section at 38+1 weeks’ gestation, with a subserosal myoma on the left wall of the uterus.

Conclusion. The postoperative period was free of complications, lending credit to the possibility that intracaesarean myomectomy can have a favourable outcome.


Pregnancy; Myoma; Myomectomy; Caesarean; Fibroid

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