The Frequency and Form of Controls by HIIS over Primary Health Care Physicians in Slovenia

Aleksandar Zafirovski, Marija Zafirovska, Danica Rotar-Pavlić, Ljubin Sukriev, Nino Zajc


Objective. The aim of this study was to evaluate the pattern of controls and sanctions by the Health Insurance Institute (HIIS) over primary healthcare practitioners (PHCPs) in Slovenia, the reasons for sanctions and the violence against PHCPs if they followed the HIIS rules.

Materials and Methods. We performed analyses using survey data from a cross-sectional study, across public health centres and individual contractors in which 1,458 PHCPs were invited to answer a questionnaire anonymously via an online system used to collect data for the Slovenian Medical Chamber and the Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of South-East Europe. Quantitative data were presented by descriptive statistics and analysed using Pearson’s chisquared test. Results. Responses were obtained from 462 female and 138 male PHCPs. Of the total number of 600 participants, 430 were family medicine specialists. 263 (43.8%) responded that they have been sanctioned for various reasons. PHCPs that are more likely to be sanctioned include family medicine specialists and individual contractors. PHCPs working in areas smaller than 20 000 inhabitants were sanctioned in a bigger proportion than their counterparts. Monetary penalties levied against those working at health centres were usually covered by the health centre. Family medicine specialists, more often than other PHCPs experienced violence from patients or patients’ relatives if they followed HIIS rules. Conclusion. Family medicine specialists are sanctioned more frequently than other PHCPs, individual contractors are sanctioned more frequently than public healthcare PHCPs and PHCPs in working area with a population less than 20.000 are more frequently sanctioned than those working in an area with a bigger population count.


Primary Health Care; Insurance; Prescription Controls; Sanctions; Violence at Work

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