Postgraduate studies (1978-1985) at the Medical faculty of the University of Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Husref Tahirović



Education, Postgraduate studies, Medical Faculty, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Postgraduate studies (PS) at the Medical Faculty (MF) of the University of Tuzla (UT) were founded with the aim of training future staff of the MF in scientific research work. The course lasted four semesters. Up to 1986, classes were attended by five generations or 141 postgraduate students, and 57 of them received their Master’s degree (MSc’s). Classes were held every week on Fridays and Saturdays. One part of the classes was taught at the MF in Szeged (Hungary). Besides teachers from the UT, classes were also taught by teachers from other universities from the former Yugoslavia and abroad. The most important textbooks were: Cell and Molecular Biology by de Robertisa, Mathematics and statistics for use in pharmacy, biology, and chemistry by Saunders & Fleming, and Kako se pišu saopštenja o medicinskim istraživanjima (How to write reports of medical research) by Rajko Igić. Searching the index base Pub Med at the end of 2014, by the surnames and initials of the names of the 57 masters, we found that they had published 14 articles before completing their MSc’s and 821 articles after completing their Master of Science. Later, 35 masters received PhDs and were appointed assistant professors, and later they were also appointed to higher ranks. Conclusion: Looking at the results of the PS, MF of the UT in the above mentioned period, it can be said that the PS was the place where the formation began of the future scientifc and teaching staff of the MF in Tuzla.


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Tahirović, H. (2015). Postgraduate studies (1978-1985) at the Medical faculty of the University of Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Acta Medica Academica, 44(1), 68.



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