Perforation of the terminal ileum secondary to ingestion of duck bone

Fahrettin Yildiz, Alpaslan Terzi, Sacid Coban, Hasan Cece, Ali Uzunkoy


Foreign body (FB) ingestion is a common clinical problem.The majority of swallowed object are often passed spontaneouslywithout complications. However, a small proportion ofFB that passes from the stomach result in complication distallywhich require a surgery. We describe an ileal perforationfollowing the ingestion of a duck bone which was diagnosedby CT preoperatively and confirmed by laparoscopy. The casereported is of interest for several reasons, such as the lackof any condition that can predispose patients to accidentalingestion of FB, no specific history of FB ingestion and thesmall possibility of detecting foreign bodies on computed tomography.


Foreign body, Duck bone, Ileal perforation

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