Bone levels in patients with osteoporosis and periodontal disease

Mirjana Gojkov-Vukelić, Mirjana Malić, Sanja Hadžić, Lidija Lincender


The constantly present dilemmas concerning the existence/non-existence of a relationship between bone density andperiodontal disease gave us the idea to do this research. Ourstudy covered 128 female patients in post menopause whowere, on the basis of their densitometry findings, divided intothree groups (healthy, with osteopenia, with osteoporosis).All the patients under research were clinically examined anddental X-rayed (orthopantomogram). Results were processedstatistically and compared to the relevant reference data. Onthe basis of the obtained results we came to the conclusionthat there is a relationship between periodontal disease andsystemic osteoporosis.

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