Meningoencephalitis in splenectomized patient caused by concurrent Streptococcus pneumoniae and Herpes simplex virus infection

Darko Nožić, Nataša Živković, Slobodan Ćirković, Dragutin Jovanović, Branka Tomanović, Branislav Antić


In this paper we have described a meningoencephalitis insplenectomized patient caused contemporaneously by Streptococcuspneumoniae and Herpes simplex virus. The unusualcourse of pneumococcal meningitis accompanied with worseningof the patient’s condition and repeated comatous statusdirected clinical diagnosis to the new etiologic agent of meningoencephalitis.After antibiotic and antiviral therapy thepatient fully recovered.


Concurrent, Meningoencephalitis, Herpes, Pneumococcal

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