Antimicrobial Activity of Some Essential Oils and Major Constituents of Essential Oils

Tamara Bosnić, Dženita Softić, Jela Grujić-Vasić


The screening of the antimicrobial activity of sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, melissa, lavender and thyme essential oils andactive compounds 1.8-cineole, citral, linalyl acetate and thymolwas conducted by a diffusion test against Gram-positiveand Gram-negative bacteria. The most active essential oils,eucalyptus and rosemary oils were tested for the minimal inhibitoryconcentration (MIC) and minimal bactericidal concentration(MBC). The activity was more pronounced againstGram-positive bacteria than against Gram-negative bacteriawith MIC ranging from 0.097 mg/ml-0.390 mg/ml, and MBCranging from 0.390 mg/ml-12.5 mg/ml.


Plants, Medicinal; Anti-Infective Agents; Anti- Bacterial Agents; Oils, Volatile; Essential Oils

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