International textbook of family medicine: The application EURACT teaching agenda

Igor Švab, Milica Katić


The paper describes experiences in the development of an international textbook of family medicine. The process of its development has started in Slovenia, where the Slovenian authors have written a textbook, adhering strictly to the European definition of family medicine and its core competencies. The format and the approach were also adopted by Croatian authors, who have used most of the material from the Slovenian book, but have modified some of the chapters according to the situation in the country and have added some of their own. This activity has created an opportunity for a truly international collaboration in the area of education of family medicine, with a creation of an international consortium, which would be responsible for the core content of the book and local adaptations of the book according to the specificities and needs of different countries. Conclusion. This innovative approach in the development of teaching material may be interesting for a variety of smaller countries in Europe and worldwide.


Education-materials; Textbook; Family medicine; Slovenia; Croatia

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