Application of conformal radiotherapy in treatment of non-Hodgkin head and neck lymphoma

Goran Marošević, Hasan Osmić, Semir Fazlić, Nermina Obralić


A male patient, aged 33, was treated at the Clinicfor Oncology, Hematology and Radiotherapy atthe University Clinical Center, Tuzla, with thediagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Conformalradiotherapy was conducted on the regionof the epipharynx, oropharynx and lymphnodes of the neck on both sides (1).

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Gregoire V, Coche G, Cosnard M, Hamoir M, Reychler H. Selection and Delineation of Lymphnode Target Volumes in Head and Neck

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Kelsey CR, Beaven AW, Diehl LF, Prosnitz LR. Radiation therapy in the menagment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: still relevant? Oncology (Willston Park). 2010;24(Suppl 13):1204-12.


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