How to improve teaching in family medicine


  • Sanda Pribić Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Osijek
  • Rudika Gmajnić Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Osijek


Family medicine, Education, Teaching


The family physician has a specific task and responsibility as the firstcontact physician. Therefore his/her education needs to be highly specific,oriented towards independent work in real time and evidencebasedmedical principles. The most important role in educating afamily physician belongs to physician practitioners, individuals whowork in clinics and need (as much as possible) to transfer knowledge,skills and experiences from their own specific conditions and a widevariety of work methods. Therefore the experience and suggestions ofteachers in practical training are considered to be the most significantcontribution to improving the quality of teaching. The most importantsuggestions pertain to reducing the size of seminar groups, includingfamily medicine courses in the fourth and fifth year of studies,and increasing the possibilities for students to do independent work,with supervision by their mentors. For good preparation of futurephysicians for independent work it is necessary for family medicinedepartments to be able to organize practical training and seminars inas many courses as possible, with as many classes as possible. A goodprofessional basis in terms of selected teachers and practical trainingteachers is required to make this possible.


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