Affective disorders in childhood and adolescence


  • Marija Burgić-Radmanović Departmant of child and adolescent psychiatry, Psychiatric Clinic Clinical Centre Banja Luka, Banja Luka


Mood disorders, Children, Adolescence, Depression, Bipolar disorder


Affective disorders in childhood have been more intensively studiedin the last three decades. They can be recognized among the childrenof all ages, but are more frequent among the older children. The maincharacteristics of mood disorders are similar among children, adolescentsand adults, although development factors affect their clinical features.Development factors affect the manifestation of all symptoms.Two main criteria for these disorders in childhood are mood disorders,such as reduced or elevated mood and irritability. These symptomsmay result in social or academic damage. Depression amongchildren is a wide-spread, family and recurrent condition, which continuesepisodically in adulthood. Depression is frequently associatedwith other psychiatric disorders, increasing the risk of suicidal behaviour,misuse of psychoactive substances and behavioural disorders.Depression in childhood brings about worse psychosocial, academicand family functioning. Family, social and environmental factors havea significant role in affective disorders of children and young people.


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