John Nicholson

Queen Mary University of London; Bluefield Centre for Biomaterials, London, United Kingdom

Professor John Nicholson is Senior Research Fellow in the School of Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, UK.  He graduated in chemistry from Kingston University, London and obtained his PhD degree, also in chemistry, from London South Bank University.  In 2011, he was awarded a second doctorate (DSc) by the University of Greenwich, London, where he was Professor of Chemistry between 2002 and 2012. Professor Nicholson spent the early part of his career at the Laboratory of the Government Chemist, then moved into academia, first at King’s College, London, then at the University of Greenwich.  On retirement from full-time employment, he moved to Queen Mary University of London, and also established the Bluefield Centre for Biomaterials, a consultancy organisation. He is an internationally renowned researcher in biomaterials, with particular emphasis on dental applications and he is a former President of the UK Society for Biomaterials. He has research collaborations with several universities around the world, including in Poland and North Macedonia.  Professor Nicholson has published over 200 scientific papers and also 5 books, and in 2022, he was listed in the Stanford University’s List of Top 2% of Scientists Worldwide on the basis of his publications. Professor Nicholson lives with his wife in London.  He has four adult children and two grandchildren.