Carl Ferdinand von Arlt, Ritter von Bergschmidt (1812-1887): A Pioneer in Ophthalmology

Konstantinos Laios, Antonis Charalampakis, Evangellos Mavrommatis, Konstantinos Manes, Efstathia Lagiou, Pavlos Lytsikas – Sarlis, Marilita M. Moschos


Carl Ferdinand von Arlt, Ritter von Bergschmidt (1812-1887) was a pioneer in ophthalmology. The pur­pose of our paper is to highlight his scientific work. He did not only introduce new surgical techniques and invent new instruments in ocular surgery, but also influenced the development of ophthalmology in the 19th century. He was an excellent and reputable profes­sor of ophthalmology, and his students became very respected figures in ophthalmology.


Carl Ferdinand von Arlt; Ocular Surgery; Innovations; Famous Students

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