The Influence of Gender on the Cortical Width of the Lower Border of the Mandible and the Mandibular Cortical Index

Alma Kamber-Ćesir, Amela Dardagan Đonlagić, Muhamed Ajanović, Sanela Strujić Porović, Alma Gavranović, Lejla Kazazić, Lejla Berhamović, Emir Berhamović


Objective. To evaluate the influence of gender on the mental index (MI) and  the mandibular cortical index (MCI).

Methods. In this study, there were 120 subjects (43 male and 77 female subjects), who had undergone a dental panoramic radiograph examination for the needs of diagnosis and future treatment planning. MI and MCI were determined by orthopantomograph.

Results. There was a statistically significant difference in MI dependent on gender. Male patients demonstrated significantly higher values for MI than female patients (right: t=4.127; P=0.0001, left: t=3.110; P=0.002). No statistically significant difference was observed for MCI dependent on gender (right: χ²=2.36 P=0.308, left: χ²=3.85 P=0.146).

Conclusion. MI is affected by gender, but MCI is not.


Mental Index; Mandibular Cortical Index; Gender

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