Lymphovenous Anastomoses Between Thoracic Duct and Azygos Vein in a Human Cadaver: A Case Report

Konstantinos N. Koutsouflianiotis, George Paraskevas, Maria Piagkou, George Noussios, Konstantinos Natsis


Objective. The study adds valuable information regarding lymphovenous communications between the thoracic duct and the azygos vein, which are very rarely discovered during anatomical dissections and very few cases have been mentioned worldwide. A detailed description of our findings and a brief review of the relevant literature are also provided.

Case report. In the current study, two sizeable obliquely directed lymphovenous anastomoses between the thoracic duct and the azygos vein at the midportion of the mediastinum are described in the same cadaver.

Conclusion. The existence of such anastomoses in humans, as well in animals, is a scientific issue under debate. Cases of rapid cancer spread could be potentially explained by the likely presence of the abovementioned communications.


Lymphovenous anastomoses; Thoracic duct; Azygos vein

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