Management of teaching processes using Share point platform: A case study from the University of Split School of Medicine

Damir Sapunar, Ivica Grković, Davor Lukšić, Matko Marušić


Objective. To develop a software tool that will combine teaching timetables with the generation of reports on teaching load. Methods. The University of Split School of Medicine project team and the external experts from the company LAMA, LLC. determined necessary functionalities and developed the software platform as an extension of the existing software solutions already in use by the Croatian academic community. Results. By combining comprehensive scheduling functionality with planned and performed teaching activities we determined the teaching load and realized automatic generation of payments for adjunct lecturers. The implementation required perfecting of the human resources services, brought about a manifold alleviation of the work of the entire school’s administration and substantially increased the effectiveness of the quality management. The software is currently managing 54,676 teaching hours, 841 teaching staff member, 111 teaching rooms, 8 study programs, and 645 courses. Conclusion. The program resolved several administrative problems of the school and is an example of successful implementation of IT technology in medical school management.


Medical education; Medical school; Organization; Teaching load

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