A proposal for enhancement of research capacities in Croatian general practice

Davorka Vrdoljak, Dragomir Petrić


Research in family medicine contributes to the increase of knowledge, and its practical application improves the work of family physicians. Although research in family medicine in the Republic of Croatia has a long tradition, no sustainable research network exists as yet. Enhancing such a network is essential to efficaciously conduct research that is specific and important for family practice. This article describes the experiences of other countries and offers a proposal for a conceptual
model for the development of a permanent research network in family medicine through three key elements: recognition of research as an indicator of quality of care that is specifically funded, introducing a continuing cycle of education for family physicians/researchers in the field of scientific research and building the capacity of academic family medicine and the success of their applications for domestic and international projects and funding sources.
Conclusion. The application of the conceptual model from Australian primary health care research, adjusted to our circumstances, could further enhance research capacity building in Croatian family medicine.


Research capacities; Family medicine

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5644/ama2006-124.73


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