Education in family medicine at the University of Mostar School of Medicine

Edita Černi Obrdalj, Snježana Curić, Amra Zalihić, Mirjana Rumboldt


Department of Family medicine has been formed in academic year2002/2003, few years later after the foundation of the School of MedicineUniversity of Mostar. The formal members of department areprofessor and assistants who lecture and lead seminars. In addition,physicians in rural practices contribute to teaching of family medicine.Clinical teaching of family medicine at Mostar School of Medicine isorganized in the summer semester of sixth year of the study. It lasts sixweeks and contains lectures, seminars and practices. Every student hasright and obligation to evaluate educational process at the end of thecourse in a form of questionnaire and essay. Family medicine continuouslyreceives high marks by students, especially practices. Evaluationof teaching by students is good way of giving feedback about teaching.We believe that student opinion can revise and improve teaching practice.Our good experience and good marks may prompt the changingour educational curriculum to include family medicine at each studyyear of medical program.


Family medicine; Mostar; Education

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